How to Help

I was in Wales, WI when I was diagnosed and we have decided to remain here for treatment for continuity of care and to be close to our tremendous support team in and around the area starting with our home church, Oakwood, in Hartland, WI. This was hard for my family who mostly live out in the Northwest. They wanted to be involved and to help so they have set up a number of different websites for us. We are so grateful for their involvement and deep love and concern even from a distance.

Here are some ways they have set up:

A wishlist called blessings on Amazon:

We weren’t planning on living in the Wisconsin area and had nothing to set up with so our church along with many in the community have started collecting items for us to furnish our home for the next year. Here are some websites with needs we have:

At target (email and registry “Blessings”

At Kohls gift list also called “Blessings:

Our address at present if needed is: 833 Holyhead Dr. Wales, WI 53183 (as soon as we move to a place of our own- hopefully soon – we will update with the new address.

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