Divine Detour

Even though I sit in a chair in a cancer center today receiving my 3rd of 6 chemotherapy treatments, instead of on a mat teaching God’s Word to people I love, my heart is encouraged. God has us on a Divine Detour. One that we did not expect or even desire, but we continue to believe with all of our hearts that His ways are perfect.

The Christmas Song Joy to the World has been resounding in my head this holiday season. The verse in particular that reads:

He comes to make His blessings known. Far as the curse is found….

What a privilege to take the message of Christ’s birth, death and resurrection life to a people group that was living in utter darkness;  no hope, no peace, no joy.  We moved into a village in Africa that was truly “far as the curse is found” and after 15 years and many challenges, many there celebrated Christ’s birth together this past December 25th. Hope is being born again, peace is entering in to the hearts of men again, joy is becoming part of their reality for the first time, blessings are being KNOWN.  So, while we trust and tarry here in the US on this unexpected divine detour, we know that His Spirit is alive and well among the Mwinika people and we trust Him to continue to reveal Himself to them. We know His eyes run to and fro seeking those whose hearts are open towards Him (2 Chronicles 16:9); moving in and among the hearts of those who know Him. Along with that, His Spirit is active in convicting the hearts of those who don’t know His blessings, drawing them to Himself.

Our part, while walking this divine detour, is one of prayer and keeping in touch as we can.  There are days when our hearts break that we cannot be there to walk alongside them in discipleship at a time they really do need it, but God is constantly reminding us that we are not “indispensable” just like with Elijah, “He has His people everywhere”  (I Kings 19:10-18) and His spirit is alive and well. We activate His spirit with prayer. ‘Prayer is man giving God the footing n contested territory.” (From Quiet Talks on Prayer)

There are many places “Far as the curse is found”  around the world and even nearby the Mwinika, that have not knowns His blessings and redemption. “The fields are ripe for harvest.” Pray with us “That the Lord of the harvest will send forth more laborers into the fields”  (Luke 10:2) Pray too for peace for us as we wait on the Lord through this Divine Detour, that our hearts will not grow weary and our hope will be renewed each day.  Pray for the Mwinika believers to be studying the Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to continue to use it to transform their lives and culture for His glory.  May His blessings be made known among them today!

2 Replies to “Divine Detour”

  1. Thank you for the update! You’re daily in my prayers. May God richly bless you and Phil in your Divine Detour! He is Sovereign —and His love is immeasurable!!


  2. It is such an encouragement to read your updates and know that you are trusting and resting in God as you are on this Divine Detour. You are in my prayers, Elin.


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