Radiance in the Rain

Every now and again, in the middle of a rain shower, the sun breaks through.  We call them “sun showers’ in English and among the Mwinika people they call them “Rain of the baboon” (I have no idea why!! :))  There’s nothing like it though, the sun hits the rain drops, refracting the light and casting prisms everywhere. A radiance and brilliance lights up everything it touches. 

Life at times feels like a downpour of rain, saturating the ground beneath.  Trials come in like waves of rain showers, one after another.  Our focus can easily fix on the soggy, unstable ground or the drenching rain falling before our eyes.  Yet, if we cast our vision upward, we will see that His light is shining through the rain.  Each rain drop is transformed into a prism. It changes the gloom into a brilliant display of radiance. One prism reflects His strength and power made perfect in our weakness. Another prism radiates His sovereignty and control over all life’s circumstances. Yet another refracts His tender loving care. All in all they combine to shout of how He alone can work all things for our good and His ultimate glory. 

As I face this current rain storm, my heart longs to learn what George Matheson speaks of when he said, “Let this be my crown, O Lord. I will only triumph in You once I have learned the radiance in the rain.”  My heart’s desire is to have eyes to see and a heart to learn the radiance in the rain that is falling all around me; to see the beauty of the character of God reflected in the trials of life as His radiance lights up everything it touches in my life.

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