These Are My People

To borrow a line from Johnny Cash, “these are my people”, the ones who rally around me and are quick to lend a hand and support me in so many ways. I have never felt this as much as the past week when a literal team of ladies stepped up to help me when Phil had to travel. I wish I had taken a picture of each lady who came in twice daily to check on me, visit and bring me what I needed. But, instead I took a picture of a few of the things that they brought to bless, hydrate and feed me. I was seriously spoiled!

God has blessed me with such tremendous “people” as I walk through this challenging time in my life. To say I am grateful for each one of you is an understatement. Every day I am brought to tears when I think of all of the notes of encouragement, visits, calls, messages, gifts, and so much more. I am humbled and touched by your selfless love and service. Praying rich blessings on each of your lives!

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