Good Friends, Good Medicine

“A sweet friendship refreshes the soul…” Psalms 27:9

God amazingly provided for our dear friends and coworkers of nearly 15 years, Francois and Nadia Hattingh, to come visit us. At any other time this visit would have been special but during this difficult time, their visit was extra special like good medicine, refreshing my soul!

As some of you have been following,, my white blood cell counts bottomed out and I have been under “quarantine”, if you will :), for the past week. Sadly, this meant I was unable to show Hattinghs around and entertain as I would have liked to, but we enjoyed many hours here at home, visiting and catching up. The latest blood work shows the counts rebounding following a series of vaccines. I am hopeful they will remain stable until my final round of chemo next Thursday.

The Hattinghs continue on from here to visit other friends and attend a missions conference, but we are so thankful for these days we were able to share together. God knew that I needed the encouragement and boost that their visit brought.

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